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Alexander McQueen S/S ‘11
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Alexander McQueen S/S ‘11

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"I don’t want to explain to somebody what pollen is. … That is the secret and the beauty and the power and the potential of all this." —Wolfgang Laib

In this week’s Season 7 preview, artist Wolfgang Laib discusses his interest in pollen, while shown installing Pollen from Hazelnut (2013) at the Museum of Modern Art in 2013—sifting hazelnut pollen collected by the artist since the mid-1990s.

WATCH: Preview of Wolfgang Laib in Legacy

Season 7 of ART21 Art in the Twenty-First Century premieres Friday, October 24, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. ET on PBS (check local listings). Legacy airs Friday, November 7, 2014.

IMAGES: Production stills from the ART21 Art in the Twenty-First Century Season 7 episode, Legacy, 2014. © ART21, Inc. 2014.

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Because everyone needs a crocheted Death Star in her life.  Free pattern by Patricia Castillo.

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Pattern is Puff Daddy by Anna & Heidi pickles.
And I love it! It’s a little lumpy, because I stuffed it with old curtains, but it’s easy to open again, so I can always stuff it with something else, should I feel the need to.

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Samoyed pup and orange kitten- best friends!


Samoyed pup and orange kitten- best friends!

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Hand embroidered illustration, stitched art.” By Sam Gibson in the UK.

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the “trans women had male privilege before coming out” most negatively affects non passing trans women and trans women w/o acess to medical transition and if u dont think that isnt a very deliberate throwing us under the bus for their own benefit by passing and class privileged trans women then ur enviably naive

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One of the things I learned this week:

Traveling alone is scary but something I can totally do.

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"Black Trans Bodies Are Under Attack": Activist CeCe McDonald, Actress Laverne Cox Speak Out

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